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Emergency Kid’s Dentistry – South Loop • Chicago, IL

Urgent Care without the Wait

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Is your child feeling a lot of dental pain? Don’t know whether you should go to the dentist or rush to the ER? To get the immediate attention and fast relief they deserve, you only really need to do one thing: call Chicago Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. Our team is able to handle any tooth-related emergency you can imagine in-house, and unlike your local ER, we won’t leave you waiting for hours for treatment. Contact us as soon as you can, and we’ll schedule an appointment so we can help your little one right away.

Why Choose Chicago Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for Emergency Dentistry?

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Dr. Justin smiling with young patient

Whether you’re dealing with a toothache or a broken/knocked out tooth, the best thing to do is seek out professional care as soon as possible. This will enable our team to reduce any damage to your child’s smile and relieve their pain as quickly as we can. If you’re not able to come see us right away, however, use the following tips to provide your child with some temporary relief:

My Child Has a Toothache

Little girl in pain holding cheek

First, have your child rinse and floss around the tooth to remove anything that might be stuck and causing the pain. If this doesn’t help, or if the pain is sharp and severe, you can give them an OTC medication and use a cold compress to lessen any discomfort.

My Child Chipped/Broke a Permanent Tooth

Little girl covering her mouth

Have your child rinse their mouth with warm water, and try to find any large pieces of the tooth that you can. Put them in a safe container and bring them to our dental office. If the remaining tooth is causing irritation in the mouth, you can cover it with either a piece of sugarless gum or some dental wax (which you’ll find at your local pharmacy).

My Child Knocked-Out a Baby Tooth

Little boy with missing tooth

In an ideal world, a baby tooth would just fall out on its own, but sometimes life gets in the way of nature! Have your child rinse their mouth with water and use a tissue to control any bleeding. Even though the tooth was coming out anyway, it’s still a good idea for your child to come see us so we can make sure the surrounding teeth and jaw are okay.

My Child Knocked-Out a Permanent Tooth

Dr. Justin holding hands with young child

You need to act fast in this situation because we can only save a fully dislodged tooth about an hour or so after the initial accident. After you’ve called us, try to recover the tooth, rinse it off, and see if you can place it back into the socket. If this isn’t feasible, have your child store the tooth in their cheek, or put it in a container of milk. The tooth must remain moist in order to keep it alive!

My Child Lost a Filling

Little girl covering her face

Find the filling, give it a quick rinse, and see if you can place it back onto your child’s tooth. If it won’t stay, a small dab of toothpaste can help. DON’T use any other kind of adhesive. Advise your child to not chew with the tooth until we can see them.

Orthodontic Emergencies

for Children, Teens & Adults

Young girl with braces holding jaw

Poking wire? Loose bracket? Broken aligner? Sore teeth and gums? If you’re having any issues with your orthodontic treatment, don’t hesitate to give Dr. Dale or Dr. Amy a call. Our team will give you helpful first-aid tips over the phone, and if necessary, we can schedule an appointment to see you right away and fix your problem. Please note that a little oral tenderness is normal after getting braces put on/adjusted, but if this discomfort lasts for a week or more, be sure to contact us!

How to Help Your Child
Prevent Dental Emergencies

The Cost of Treating Your Child’s Dental Emergencies

Little girl outside holding mouth

Because there are so many types of dental emergencies, there actually isn’t a fixed cost for urgent dental care. Our treatment recommendations will be based solely on your child’s particular situation. Some children just need a small filling, while others might require a few teeth to be removed. Our primary goals will be to get your child out of pain and then repair any damage to their smile. For concerns about large out-of-pocket costs, flexible financing is always available.

Emergency FAQs

child holding his face with a dental emergency in Chicago

As a parent, you place your child’s safety and wellness above everything else, but it can be difficult to know what’s best in the moment. If you have questions, you’re not the only one, which is why we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions here. We hope our responses help you know how to proceed and make the right decision for your child. If you still aren’t sure, feel free to give our office a call or request an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you and your little one however we can!

Why shouldn’t I take my child to the ER for a dental emergency?

In addition to having a long waiting time, the ER or even urgent care personnel likely don’t have the training or equipment to properly diagnose or treat a dental emergency. At most, they can prescribe pain medication or antibiotics, but ultimately, you’ll still need to visit with a dentist to resolve the issue. It’s smarter, faster, and more cost effective to turn directly to us at Chicago Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics for your child’s treatment.

What should I do if my child is bleeding from the mouth or has sustained trauma to the mouth/teeth?

Some oral bleeding is common with knocked out teeth or partial dislodged teeth. Use a clean cloth or gauze on the site, and the bleeding should stop soon. If it hasn’t slowed down or stopped after 10 minutes, it may be a sign of a more serious problem, which means a trip to the ER. If the bleeding has stopped, you should still bring in your child to us for a quick examination to make sure that there isn’t more damage to their jaw or other teeth that needs treatment.

Will my dental insurance cover dental emergencies?

Your coverage greatly depends on your insurance plan. After we diagnose the root cause of the problem, we can go through the financial part in greater detail with you, but rest assured that our team will look for ways to maximize your benefits and will happily work with you to make treatment affordable within your budget.

Can root canals be performed on baby teeth?

Essentially, yes. Baby teeth tend to be thinner than permanent teeth, but they still have the same three layers: enamel, dentin, and pulp. When a baby tooth becomes infected or in danger of being infected, we may need to perform pulp therapy, or root canal therapy, to remove the sensitive pulp interior before it causes your child excessive pain.

How much of a delay will an orthodontic emergency create in my treatment plan?

It depends on how quickly you get the problem fixed and the severity of the issue. In some cases, just a couple of weeks can get you back on track. It may require more or less time than this. Regardless of the delay, if any, you can count on Dr. Dale to do what’s best for your smile in the long run so that you get the perfect results you deserve.

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