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Clear Braces – South Loop, IL

Discreet Orthodontics via Ceramics

A young girl with braces smiling.

When you look at photos of yourself, whether it’s on your social media profile or right after you take a photo with friends, do you wish your smile looked different? Maybe you’ve completely stopped showing your teeth because you’re embarrassed by their appearance? Regardless, you shouldn’t have to compromise your appearance just because you want to improve the appearance of your smile. With the help of Dr. Dale and Dr. Amy, now you can have your cake and eat it too via clear ceramic orthodontics! Call our office today to get started!

What are Clear/Ceramic Braces?

A closeup of a person wearing ceramic braces.

Ceramic braces work much in the same way as their metal counterparts; the main difference is that they are made from clear, transparent materials as well as materials designed to blend in with your existing tooth enamel. Every component of your orthodontics, from the archwire to the elastics, can be manufactured from tooth-colored materials.

How Do They Compare to Traditional Metal Braces?

A woman with ceramic braces pointing at her mouth.

Metal braces tend to use nickel materials, which stand out significantly in your smile. If you have a child with braces or you had braces previously, you may be familiar with the bands orthodontists wrap around the individual brackets. While your child may find it fun to use multiple colors in their brackets, the last thing you’d want is for your braces to be even more noticeable to those around you if you’re an adult or teenager.

Additionally, because the brackets bonded to your teeth are clear, they will not stain like traditional metal braces. Instead the elastics themselves are more likely to stain. Thankfully, Dr. Dale and Dr. Amy have all the tips necessary to prevent stains on your orthodontics, so you can enjoy a Chicago hot dog with mustard, exactly how it should be eaten!

How Do They Compare to Clear Aligners?

The biggest difference between ceramic braces and clear aligners is the fact that they are fixed appliances. Clear aligners are removable, which means you’ll need to keep careful track of their use in order to avoid hiccups in your treatment. Since ceramic braces are fixed, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re wearing them long enough while still benefitting from their discreet attributes.

Are Clear/Ceramic Braces Right for Me?

Like traditional braces, ceramic braces are capable of solving many of the same orthodontic issues. Whether you have severely crowded, crooked or rotated teeth, or an uneven bite, ceramic braces can shift your teeth into a straighter, more attractive and healthier position. Additionally, ceramic braces are perfect for adults, teens, and children alike, so everyone can benefit from their use!

While ceramic braces are an ideal solution for improving the appearance of teeth, there could be a situation where a different orthodontic solution would work best for you. Dr. Dale and Dr. Amy always do what is right for the patient! Just keep in mind that ceramic braces may not be for everyone, which is why you should always get an assessment performed at our office first!

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